Greetings, I was recently asked to write about the history of Spooky Tree for our new website. I think the releases are the real story of the label, and they speak for themselves. You can read a little about them in the releases section. I did want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved over the years, because without their involvement Spooky Tree would have never come about.

The seed was planted in 1994. I was living in Boston with my cousin Greg, we came up with idea to do a record label, and we ran with it. As time went on, the label became inactive for a few years, resurfaced for a while, back on hiatus, and slowly back again. I think I'm a very lucky person to have some really talented friends that play music. The goal of the label has always been to document really good obscure music and get it in the hands of people who appreciate it.

As far as my thank yous, I'd like to thank all the bands for putting out music on the label. Great bunch of people, truly a honor and privilege. Greg Stukuls for starting the label and being the main force. Brenden Rule for so much support in so many ways. Derek Stukuls for all of his art. Dan Friel for tons of help over the years. Dave Geist for helping the second wave of the label get going. Craig "T-Bone" Johnson for constant support. Mike Roberts for building this new website, and to whoever I'm forgetting as I write this, I apologize. There's just too many people to list, but I know who you are, much love.

There will be new releases coming out soon, so stay tuned.

Peace + Love,